Meet the Stylists

Talking all things hair, aid-work and becoming Salisbury Citizen of the Year, we get up-close and personal with Marcela Lastra – owner and creative director of Longko Salon.

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“I moved to Australia from South America when I was just four. My parents’ expectation was that I would go on to University – they had moved here to give us a better life, and this is the path they thought we needed to go down to have the best opportunities. So, needless to say, when I got a job as the shampoo girl in a local salon, and then later decided to quit Uni to go on with a hairdressing apprenticeship, it didn’t go down well!

In hindsight, it’s a decision that has enabled me to be part of some awesome initiatives, including aid work with not-for-profit organisation Hair Aid. For the past four years I have travelled to the slums of Manilla to teach people how to cut hair. I also do haircuts in South Australia for Vinnies at Whitmore Square, work in a protected women’s shelter, and visit the RAH regularly giving haircuts to people in need. In recognition of my community work, on Australia Day this year I was awarded City of Salisbury Citizen of the Year.

Of course, there’s also the glam stuff, like international runway shows with SSH and Hair Expo (definitely a career highlight) and doing celebrity hair. I’ve been Amelia Mulcahy’s personal hairdresser for ?a number of years and was lucky enough to be asked to do her hair for her wedding late last year. At Longko, we’re actually known for our wedding work and are skilled at being able to make a little hair look like a lot! We don’t stop at the hair either, we often get involved in the bride’s entire look!”

Quick Questions

 Clients come to see me for… my hairdressing knowledge and my contagious laughter!
2019 brides will be asking for… more detail! The boho style of 2018 has been replaced by more detailed, constructed looks. Plaits are gone, thank goodness!
My signature style is… glamour, absolutely.