The Perfect Potted Kitchen-Garden

Autumn is the perfect time for gardening and the perfect time to get some of your favourite herbs and greens together to create a potted kitchen-garden. It’s a delight to pick your own fresh greens and herbs for winter soups and stews. Potted kitchen-gardens are great for small spaces, apartment gardens and balconies and best of all – they’re easy to maintain.

Potted garden 1

Herbs and greens can be mixed together or potted separately depending on the style of planter. For mixed plantings a pot between 30 cm to 60 cm wide is large enough. Place the taller growing plants in the centre of the pot and the smaller around the edge. Large evergreen plants like bay trees can be under-planted with smaller herbs like violet, oregano or thyme. Taller greens like spinach and kale can be grown with chives, nasturtium, violets, marjoram and parsley. For the best results use a premium potting mix, and either an organic based fertiliser or mineral fertiliser depending on your preference; if you are vegan/vegetarian check the fertiliser for animal products, a mineral based product is usually the best option.

At The Norwood Garden Centre we offer a potting service; choose from our range of pots and plants and we can help create your own potted kitchen garden. The prices can range from $25.00 to $100.00 – depending on your selections and budget.

potted kitchen gardens

There are many green leafy vegetables and herbs ready to be planted now. Here is a list of plants ready to go in this season:

Bay Tree
Baby Spinach, Perpetual Spinach, English Spinach
Silver Beet
Snow Pea
Loose leaf Lettuce, Asian Greens, Minuza, Oak leaf.
Pak Choi
Catnip and Cat Grass (a must if you have a cat)