Interactive Ring Design with Class A Jewellers

Choosing an engagement ring can be quite daunting, even for confident couples. There are so many different styles, sizes and types of gemstones (and of course, budgets!). Add to that, the anxiety of walking into a jewellery store with the locked cabinets and salesperson watching over your every move – it’s a pretty intimidating experience.

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Class A Jewellers wanted to change this and create both a fun and informative environment, after all, the purchase of your engagement ring is one of the biggest and most important purchases of your lifetime. It’s important that you not only take your time by trying on lots of different styles but that you are equipped with all the right information to ensure you’re getting quality and value for money.

There are two interactive ring benches at Class A Jewellers with over 370 different designs for both women and men, with a focus on engagement and wedding rings.  On Saturdays, these benches are lined with couples and groups of friends all excitedly trying on different shapes and styles of rings. Solitaires, halos, pear diamonds, oval diamonds, white gold, platinum – there are so many options! Once a selection is made, or if there are any questions, there’s always a staff member nearby who is happy to answer your questions or provide a quote for custom making your perfect ring.

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When you’ve decided to go ahead with your design, Class A will manufacture your ring in their beautiful new workshop which is located in their Walkerville showroom. With a glass frontage,  watch experienced jewellers at work and have confidence that your ring will be made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

 An engagement ring is a lifelong decision – so visit Class A, enjoy the moment and have some fun while you choose your perfect ring!

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