Suffering from Tattoo Regret?

When it comes to tattoo regret, the team at Adelaide Plastic Surgery understands the process of having it removed can be daunting. They are home to one of the largest ranges of medical grade lasers in Australia, and thanks to the Enlighten Picosecond Laser, the process of tattoo removal has never been simpler.

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How does tattoo removal work?

The Enlighten Laser works by targeting the ink particles in your tattoo using specific pulse durations and various wavelengths of light energy. During treatment, the light energy from the laser is absorbed by the tattoo. This vibrates and shatters the ink particles causing them to break into tiny micro-particles. These particles are then small enough to be reabsorbed by the body’s lymphatic (cleaning) system, in turn fading the tattoo.

What makes the Enlighten Laser different? 

Enlighten is an advanced gold standard laser system with industry leading Picosecond technology designed to safely and efficiently remove your tattoo. A common concern when it comes to tattoo removal is the lengthy process that was previously expected with older technology. Unlike traditional ‘Q-switch’ removal methods, the Enlighten Laser has the ability to remove your tattoo up to three times faster thanks to its dual pulse technology. Enlighten also features three fully integrated wavelengths, making it especially effective in the effective removal of multicoloured tattoos.

How many treatments will I need? 

This depends on the type of tattoo and colours involved. Generally speaking, tattoo removal can be achieved after six to ten treatments, with some patients noting significant results after just three to four. Treatments are spaced at ten to twelve week intervals, which is essential in order to allow the body time to naturally eliminate the broken ink particles.

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