Behind the Business: Laser Hair Removal

We go behind the business and get to know registered nurse and owner of Laser Hair Removal at the Bay and on Unley, Veronica Denwick.

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“Unfortunately, the laser industry is largely unregulated, which means there’s often a lack of care and accountability. This spurred me on to open Laser Hair Removal at The Bay & On Unley nearly 12 years ago.

My husband saw my frustration and suggested we buy our first laser and set up a clinic. I was nervous – I had been a nurse all my life but had never been a business owner! On the flip side, my nursing education means I provide a more clinical approach to treatment with realistic outcomes.

I provide a medical service rather than a beauty service, and as such we offer a range of medical grade skincare treatments. Many of the clients we see have very distressing hair concerns and sometimes these concerns can be caused by medical problems, hormones and some medication. Being a nurse means I can educate my clients, identify medications and medical conditions that may cause unwanted hair and help clients that may have suffered unwanted side effects from other clinics.

When I started out I was one of the few laser clinics in Adelaide, these days there’s a laser hair removal clinic on just about every corner. The industry has experienced rapid growth, but unfortunately as there are no state regulations to govern the industry it can be a bit of a free for all. There are so many cheap deals out there. Thankfully though consumers are starting to work out that you do get what you pay for.”

Quick Questions

Clients come to see me for… safe and effective treatments.
Best anti-ageing tip… sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
Must-have beauty product… Medik8’s CE Tetra + Intense Vitamin C Serum. It is my absolute favourite!