FIRST TIMERS: Moving Out Made Easy

So you’re finally moving out of home! The day is here, you’ve saved your pennies and you’re ready to go out and make it on your own. But, there are a few essentials you’ll need before making the move – here’s our to-do list.

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First things first!

You need to set up the intangibles: Internet, gas, electricity and insurance. This can be daunting, but if you write a list of what you need and do your research prior to the move (don’t forget to compare quotes!), this shouldn’t take more than a couple of phone calls to set up. 

The Essentials
Dishes and cutlery
Appliances (washing machine, kettle, microwave)
Iron and ironing board (if you’re feeling fancy)

 The Things You Never Think to Buy – But Need

Toilet brush
Tea towels
First aid kit
Tool kit

Now Look Outwards!

Getting your bearings and familiarising yourself with your new neighbourhood and its surrounds is something that will all become apparent in time. To alleviate some of the stress of moving out, find out where your nearest shop is for groceries, a laundromat if you need it, or even the closest place to catch public transport – you’ve got this!

Top Tips

1. Write Lists

Although we’ve provided you with the basics, sit down and write a list of every little thing you think you might need before the move, organisation will help with the process.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget

Now, unless you have an unlimited amount of money (wouldn’t that be nice!), chances are you will need to budget – after all you now have to pay bills! Take note of how much you earn, how much you would like to save and how much you need to spend on everyday items and bills, plus how much you want to have leftover for miscellaneous items and disposable income. You can set up a direct debit for most of these payments and this will help keep you on track day-to-day.

3. Take Pride

Now that you’re living on your own, there are more responsibilities than ever before! Make sure you take time out to clean your new place daily and don’t leave everything to the last minute! You never know when you may have an unexpected guest and you don’t want an unannounced visit from you parents when your place isn’t looking tidy!

When all is said and done, this is an exciting time of your life, so enjoy it!

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