Newbies at Beer & BBQ Fest

The list of food and drink vendors at Beer & BBQ Festival has expanded to include a huge list of new national and international brewers and barbecue connoisseurs. Adelaide has never had the opportunity to taste these three – put them on your must-try shortlist.

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Garage Project

You’re from New Zealand – why are you keen to bring your craft to Adelaide?
We have been lucky enough to have extremely passionate fans of Garage Project in Adelaide. A lot of this has been attributed to the support from fantastic venues celebrating craft beer in your city. The guys at Beer & BBQ have been inviting us to come along for a couple of years, so we are very excited to finally be heading over for it.

What’s on the menu for Beer & BBQ Festival?
Hopefully something for everyone! On tap we will be pouring White Mischief, White Peach Sour, Party & Bullshit East Coast IPA and our Yuzu Pernicious Weed IIPA. We are also bringing some pack stock from our Wild Workshop including Golden Age fruited Sour and Twilight of the Gods, a beer and grape co-ferment that has been aged in barrel for 12 months.

What is it about Garage Project that sets you apart?
This is always a difficult question to answer and I think if you asked everyone at Garage Project they would have their own point of view. For me, the thing that attracted me to Garage Project even before I started working with them 2 years ago was the ability to connect with so many other cultural pursuits. Whether it be food, music or fashion – to name a few. This has driven some of our most successful releases and we hope gets people who may not see themselves as beer drinkers, trying something new.

What is the price point?
Due to the diversity of beers, it is broad. Tasters range from $2.50 – $4.50 depending on the beer, while full pours are around $7.50 to $10.50.

What’s the one beer on the menu that our readers need to try?
It’s hard to go past Yuzu Pernicious Weed, a citrus driven spin on the first beer we ever brewed when we started in the garage 8 years ago. Every year the brew team get a batch of yuzu from a farmer in New Zealand and then spend a couple of days zesting and juicing it. Last year they watched the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy whilst they did it!

The yuzu adds an incredible citrus kick and perfume to the beer. This will be the only place in SA with it on tap this year, we recommend coming along and trying it.

Burn City Smokers

You’re from Melbourne – why are you keen to bring your craft to Adelaide?
We have heard great things about the Beer & BBQ Fest and, after doing several trips to Sydney for large events, we thought a visit to Adelaide was overdue.  Large events are what we do, and our converted shipping container setup makes it easy for us to travel interstate.

What’s on your menu for Beer & BBQ Festival?
The ‘Smoked Beef Short Rib’ is what we are famous for, so this will be making an appearance for sure!

What is it about Burn City Smokers that sets you apart?
Every BBQ outfit has their tricks and distinct style. None are better or more ‘correct’ than the other. We are all about simplicity, let the meat speak for itself without heavy sweet sauces or rubs. Our ‘Shorts Ribs’ are the best you can buy, grass fed beef, rubbed with salt and pepper, served on the bone with just fresh chimichurri to offset the richness of the fatty, juicy ‘melt in your mouth’ deliciousness of our Beef Short Rib.

What is the price point?
Our prices start at $16 for our Brisket Burger.

What’s the one thing on the menu that our readers need to try?
The Beef Short Rib, of course.

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As a Melbourne brand, you’ve got some stiff competition in Adelaide. What sets 8bit apart?
We started 8bit in 2014, which was near the beginning of the burger boom that’s taken hold of Australia. A lot of competition has come and go while 8bit has grown stronger, with the opening multiple new stores including having one open in Sydney last year. Our difference is the consistency in our menu products and our strong branding… people love the gaming reference also. We are really stoked to finally serve some 8bit burgers to the crew in Adelaide. We have been meaning to come for a while now… as we get emails from Adelaide people asking when we are going to come and open a store there all the time. 8bit being at the Beer & BBQ Festival is the next best thing.

What’s on your menu for Beer & BBQ Festival? What are you bringing to Adelaide?
We are bringing a selection of our best-selling burgers, such as the ‘8bit with Cheese’, our take on a classic burger. The ‘Golden Axe’, an 8bit version of a fried chicken sandwich served with cheese and sriracha slaw. The ‘Zelda’, a vegetarian burger that was crowned number 1 veg burger in Melbourne last year. It is a chickpea, corn and quinoa patty, with grilled haloumi, beetroot relish, avocado, this can be done vegan too… and because we are at the Beer & BBQ Fest, we are bringing the ‘Altered Beast’ which is our BBQ bacon burger. We will also be bringing our potato gems!

What will your price point be?
The 8bit burgers at the Beer & BBQ Fest will be from $14 to $17.

What’s the one thing on the menu that our readers need to try?
My own personal favourite. Readers and punters need to try 8bit’s ‘Altered Beast’, which is a beef patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, lettuce, and 8bit sauce. Perfect company with a couple of beers.

Beer & BBQ Festival
12 – 14 July 2019
Adelaide Showground