Do you need an anti-wrinkle plan?

Fillers, muscle relaxants, skin needling – what do you really need? We chat to anti-ageing expert Dr Katina Koukourou from Lifestyle Medical to find out what’s the most common skin complaint with regard to ageing skin?

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We get a lot of clients who complain of uneven skin tone due to photo damage, for example pigmentation and brown spots over the forehead and cheeks, as well as fine broken capillaries around the mid cheeks and nose. Second to that would be fine lines, wrinkles and general skin texture.

 What’s the most effective way to get rid of fine lines and bring back the glow?

The most effective way is by using a combination of light-based technology, such as IPL and chemical peels, targeting the melanocytes and pigment producing cells. Other procedures include skin needling, which also aims to increase skin cell turnover, lift pigment and reduce pore size. We have a range of medical grade take home skin cosmeceuticals that also target specific problem areas and general skin ageing.

We hear a lot about wrinkle relaxants and dermal fillers – what’s the difference?

Wrinkle relaxants smooth the fine lines and prevent deep facial lines by relaxing the muscles underneath. Lines can also be plumped using fillers. Filler is a hyaluronic acid gel with a chemical structure based on our naturally occuring hyaluronic acid. This substance attracts and holds water, causing an inflation effect.

 What advice would you give to people trying to turn back the clock?

If you’re concerned it’s best to speak to a highly trained professional in facial aesthetics. Somebody who has experience in looking at the total face instead of one or two areas and can give a natural and balanced overall look.