A Night at the Symphony

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of classical music to appreciate the theatre and drama of a night at the symphony.

Symphony first-timers, Cayleigh and David

Photography: Kirsty Burns

If you’ve never been to the symphony before, our very own orchestra – Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) – offers an impressive first taste. Featuring some of the best musicians in the country, you are promised a world-class performance when the 75-strong orchestra take to the stage.

Their Master Series concerts are set in the Adelaides Town Hall, with its imposing marble staircase and sweeping ceilings. Adelaide local and symphony first-timer, Cayleigh James, and her husband, David, attended the first concert of the series, From the Mists of Time, conducted by ASO’s Principal Conductor, Nicholas Carter. His repertoire is not only impressive, but he’s also the first Australian to have been chosen as a Principal Conductor of an Australian orchestra in over 30 years! This is his final year before we lose him to Austria’s Stradttheater Klagenfurt and Karntner Sinfonieorchester.

Cayleigh and David started the night with a delicious modern Asian dinner over the road at Level One restaurant, before heading across King William Road and entering the grand Adelaide Town Hall.

“We didn’t know what to expect, but we were really excited to be doing something difference for our Friday date night!” says Cayleigh. After collecting their tickets, the pair enjoyed a quick glass of Champagne at the bar before taking their seats.

ASO Principal Conductor, Nicholas Carter

The show was a moving journey through the Italian Riviera, featuring a breathtaking performance by Dutch violinist, Simone Lamsma. “Her performance was incredible, and her passion and emotion was enchanting,” says Cayleigh.

Four performances make up the show: Elgar, In the South; Sibelius, Violin Concerto; Ravel, La valse; and Respighi, Pines of Rome. “We were quite surprised by how captivating it was; we found ourselves mesmerised by the notes from each instrument and how the sounds came together to create a highly emotive and engaging story. The first half of the show was quite soft and gentle; during the second half there with a change of pace that was louder and more upbeat.”

With a new-found appreciation of classical music, Cayleigh and David admit that while they wouldn’t normally have thought about doing something like this, they’re very glad that they did. “We could really appreciate the hard work, dedication and many hours of practising that and coordination that would go into putting on such a spectacular show – and we’re very lucky to have such a talented orchestra here in Adelaide.”

Find tickets to the next Masters Series concert, Faith & Beauty, here.

Contemporary Music Lovers

Not a fan of classical? The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra demonstrates their versatility through their Showcase Series and Special Event concerts, which embrace a range of popular contemporary music. To find out more, visit aso.com.au.