More Locals Beer & BBQ Fest

The Beer & BBQ Festival is upon us – we spoke to a handful of our favourite locals about what they have planned for the weekend-long festival.

Sparkke at The Whitmore

What about Sparkke is different to the other offerings at ABBF?
We as Sparkke are heavily involved in food for thought this year helping to raise awareness about mental health issues in the hospitality industry. We are providing food offerings as well as a beer we’ve made specially for this event.

What’s on your menu for ABBF, and why did you choose them? 
I am collaborating with Karena Armstrong (The Salopian Inn, co-owner and chef) and we are cooking a spice-rubbed and BBQ’d goat shoulder, labne, coriander and red cabbage salad. We’re also doing potato and chickpea Koftas with grilled sourdough breads.

What will your price point be? 
$15, with a chunk of that going to Food for Thought.

Sneaky Pickle

This is your Beer & BBQ Fest debut! What are you looking forward to, and what are you putting on the menu?

Yes it’s our first ABBF! We feel the time is right this year to totally rock it and be a part of this awesome festival.

Our menu is full of traditional American BBQ favourites including Brisket, Whole Hog, Hot Links etc.. however we will be throwing in some Tex-Mex Influence and the odd Sandwich for the punters to growl out late into the night.

What is the price point?

We are keeping all our menu items between $15 and $30.

What’s the one thing on the menu that our readers need to try?

Our menu will cover a broad range of items, from snacks, sandwiches, to full plated meals. We encourage all the meat eaters to try everything over the 3 days.

Toly Vietnamese

What about Toly Vietnamese is different to the other offerings at ABBF?

Toly Vietnamese is our name, we make everything from scratch with passion and love. The end product really speaks for itself.

What makes you unique?

We source fresh and local products where available. We aim to produce products that are clean and fresh to the pallet. In many ways our business is unique – many have tried but to no prevail.

What’s on your menu for ABBF, and why did you choose them?

Chargrilled bbq XO lamb, steamed Bao with a selection of fillings, teriyaki and chilli chicken chargrilled skewers, noodle bowls and our delicious BBQ chilli quails.

We chose these items so the patrons can gain an understanding of what we do for a living, to broaden minds and taste buds.

What will your price point be?

Everything will be under $20.

What’s the one thing on the menu that our readers need to try?

You have to try more than one dish, each has its points.


What about Brewboys is different to the other offerings at ABBF?

We are one of the few breweries that are releasing a brand new limited collaboration beer for Beer & BBQ Festival. Co-presented by Sweet Amber Brewing Co and ourselves, it will be a secret until the day, but what I can say about it, is that it is going to be delicious. 7% abv and a standout of the Festival.

What’s on your menu for ABBF, and why did you choose them?

Hoppapotamus West Coast IPA 7% abv – everybody loves IPA and we love ours to bits so this was a no-brainer.

Dead Mans Hand – this is another limited beer we released a couple of weeks ago, it is a big 9.8% Imperial Stout that has been aged in American Oak Barrels and Fortified Wine Barrels. It’s big, rich, balanced and we know it’s going to fly.

Hard Pressed Lemon – We chose this to break it up for those wanting a change from big, heavy beers. This is a 5.7% abv alcoholic lemon that is off dry and lightly bubbly. Super refreshing and a great palate cleanser.

Seeing Double – We chose this one as Peated Scotch Ales are not a common style in Australia. It’s smokey, dark and heavy with a light sweetness on the palate. At 8% abv it’s very different and a perfect fit for ABBF.

Ginger Beer – We don’t believe there are many good ginger beers on the market so we wanted to showcase this one for sure; made with fresh ginger root and a very lightly hopped ale, this is a 3.5% banger that is REAL and not made with syrups or flavourings.

Secret Collaboration Brew with Sweet Amber Brewing Co – You’ll have to come find us to find out about this one.

What will your price point be?

It depends on the beer as some are more expensive to make than others, however, we will be fairly priced so people can try more than one.

What’s the one thing on the menu that our readers need to try?

Our amazing collaboration brew with Sweet Amber Brewing Co and our Dead Mans Hand Imperial Stout – one of my favourite beers of all time.

Beer & BBQ Festival 
12 – 14 July 2019
Adelaide Showgrounds