A day at Rundle Mall Plaza

With Shani Devroome from The Models

We meet Shani on The Terrace at Clio Cafe at a booth overlooking the Mall below. While we drink coffee and share a fresh croissant from Clio’s in-house bakery, we compare ‘must carry’ beauty products and talk first impressions.

“Sometimes I think I can come off shy or closed when I first meet people, once you get to actually know me I’m the complete opposite. I’m a really outgoing crazy girl, will tell you almost anything about myself and talk your ear off!”

Clio Cafe is not the only food experience available on The Terrace; Ban Ban, Kyoto Sushi, The Logical Indian and Soonta are also enticing options. I challenge Shani to choose between only ever being able to eat from Ban Ban or The Logical Indian… “I’m always so basic with my foods, ordering things like chicken schnitzel with gravy every time I go out. It’s bad because once I find a dish I like, I’ll get it every time till I’m sick of it! If I had to choose I would pick Ban Ban, I’m sure I could never go wrong with their boneless fried chicken and a side of chips.”

We take the chic mirrored elevator down to Lower Ground and chat about our experiences with film photography while we flick through magazines at RMP News.

“Recently one of my photographer friends reached out and offered me his spare disposable camera, which was super sweet! I’ve seen so many people post photos of their work and I’ve always loved the vintage look to them. I’ve never used film before, so I’m just experimenting, taking pictures of things I love and hoping my finger isn’t over the lens in every picture.”

A trip to Rundle Mall Plaza wouldn’t be complete without a leisurely stroll through H&M. “If you were to find me in Rundle Mall Plaza I’d most likely be hidden the ‘home’ section of H&M. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, they just have such beautiful homeware pieces!”

But the fashion department does entice… statement pieces like a fire-engine red knit compliment Shani’s style perfectly. She says she’s obsessed with delicate jewellery, which is something the Plaza is in no shortage of with both Swarovski and Gerard McCabe on its Ground Floor level.

“I love everyday jewellery pieces I can wear 24/7, as I can forget to put them on sometimes. Each piece means something different to me, my right hand ring was a christening gift from my family and the left hand ring, a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday. My mum loves jewellery herself, so my earrings were hand-me-downs from her, which makes them extra special.”

Wrapped up in a luxe chocolate cuddle coat, Shani looks ahead to six months in the future. “Hopefully my modelling career will grow and I have the opportunity to work overseas. Next year, I’m planning to study as a vet nurse, but, no matter what happens, I know I’ll be happy as long as I’ve made lots of memories with the people I love.”

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Words & Photography by Elenor Jones-Gray