A Morning at Mahiki Hair

With Jessica Taylor from Ivy House

We walk into a light filled foyer with Ivy House founder Jessica and find ourselves greeted by an equally sunny Brodie, the salons Premier Stylist and member of the Mahiki Hair family for nearly 5 years.

Dedication to providing impeccable service to every client is evident straight away as Brodie seats Jess in a plush chair and lets us in on what sets Mahiki apart. “The key is that we create a service which is tailor made for each client. Providing an experience uniquely made for the individual means considering everything from face shape to the type of lifestyle they lead.”

The philosophy is something to think about for us all but when it comes to what works for Jess, “Working as a florist means having to get my hands dirty most days of the week, the priority for my hair is more often than not just keeping it out of my face. Up styles are my usual go to for practicalities sake, but its my day off today so I’m keen try something different!”

Brodie, on what makes the salon unique “At Mahiki hair we don’t look at what we do as a job. It’s a career and a lifestyle.”

Jess, on having a favourite flower“Thats like choosing a favourite song, near impossible. I do have a strong infatuation with texture, Celosias would be in my top 5 for that reason. They feel like velvet.”

While preparing to create the perfect tousled beach wave on Jess, Brodie explains why our hair sometimes suffers more damage in winter than in warmer months. “With the heater on high and our showers extra steamy, sometimes we may not realise how much damaging heat were adding onto the scalp and hair.” Although Jess is naturally fairly light, she does bleach to achieve her tone and coloured hair is especially at risk. We’re told though that the key to keeping all hair healthy year round is simple – less heat and more moisture.

Less Heat; A thermal heat protector is a must if using heat tools on a regular basis, especially if your hair is coloured. Alternatively, blow drying the hair 80% dry and sleeping with two plaits or a bun will see you waking up with natural waves and healthier hair.

More Moisture; Every client will be recommended a different product tailored to their hair, however using professional shampoo and conditioner is a must for everyone. When hair is feeling a little dry, swap your conditioner for a treatment on a weekly basis. Leave-in conditioners are Brodies #1 recommendation no matter the hair type, preventing the hair from drying out and protecting against future damage.

We shake out all the curls and add a little texture. I ask Jess what inspired her to create her floristry business Ivy House, “It’s always been a dream, growing up in the national parks of Queensland really taught me to connect with nature. I spent so many hours climbing in trees or foraging to make my own woodland bouquets. All it took was a beautiful friend of mine who helped me realise I could put that same passion into my career.”

Nearing the end of our session now, we discuss how frequently Brodie recommends a trim, “This can vary client to client, more generally though to keep hair at its healthiest through winter you should rebook every 6 to 8 weeks – some clients may benefit from closer to the 6 week mark or even earlier! Regular trims ensure your hair stays in the best possible condition regardless of the season.”

Equipped with a new level of haircare knowledge and a fresh style, Jess is ready to take on whatever comes next.
“Right now I’m working on my upcoming exhibition held at The Commons with Stuff by Glad that will be showcasing their first release of leather goods and accessories, along with floral installations by Ivy House.”

“I’m still relatively new to Adelaide so working with close friends fosters an important sense of community for me. Recent projects with businesses such as Africola have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve.”

Follow Jess’s journey with Ivy House on Instagram at @ivyhouse.adl and RSVP to the Glad x Ivy House launch here.

Mahiki Hair
276 Payneham Road
Payneham SA 5070
08 7225 6580

Words & Photography by Elenor Jones-Gray