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While you may have already paid one (or many) visits to Rundle Mall Plaza’s fashion retailers, the breathtaking dining precinct on level 1 is equally deserving of your attention. There’s a certain serenity that comes from sitting high above the happenings of Rundle Mall, observing passers by through floor to ceiling windows – plus it’s hard to beat the natural light that pours into The Terrace space.

Aesthetics aside you’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to where to eat, we list a few of our favourites.

Clio Cafe

An urban food experience offering contemporary dishes alongside timeless classics you will love, prepare your taste buds for an amazing sensation located alongside the best view from any dining hall in Adelaide.
All meals are made to order and prepared with the freshest local ingredients, from the suppliers of their specialty roasted beans to the local flavours of the fresh in-house bakery.

Ban Ban

This is Adelaide’s must visit Korean “chimaek” joint. Affectionately referred to as ‘Little Ban Ban’, you’ll find the same authentic Korean Fried Chicken here as in their original Franklin Street flagship.
The term Ban Ban literally means half and half – with four different styles of Korean Fried Chicken to choose from, this is what you ask for if you want to try your dish served two ways.

Kyoto Sushi

New kid on the block, Kyoto Sushi is the most recently opened establishment on level 1. A little of Japan’s magic is captured here with an interior inspired by bustling Japanese train stations and an expansive conveyor belt laden with fresh, authentic sushi.

The Logical Indian

Long standing CBD favourite, The Logical Indian has settled into their new space on The Terrace with ease.
Take a delectable journey through India’s myriad culinary destinations as you choose from a range of traditional curries and sides or sample one of their authentic Indian breakfasts. Must try dishes include the Chef’s Tasting Platter, Signature Filter Kaa pi & Tandoori Kebabs.


Passionate foodies providing healthy and hearty Vietnamese fusion food, Soonta has quickly become a favourite for city eats.
Their menu follows the ancient rule of Vietnamese cuisine – the balance between Ying and Yang. In this case specifically, it’s the balance between meat and vegetable, spiciness and freshness, traditional Vietnamese foods and a modern Australian palate.

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