An Up Do Made Simple With SJ Establishment

Listen in on our conversation as we visit SJ Establishment for a slick up do with singer songwriter Stellie – between steps we chat to salon owner Sam James about the business of hair.

Q Was there a lightbulb moment where you realised your career was in hair or did you fall into it?
Sam No I loved hair from a very young age always did my sisters hair. I started to work in a salon at 15, began my apprenticeship after hours whilst finishing school in the UK, then moved to Australia and continued my journey here. 

Q How do you prepare for a show in terms of self care, is there anything special you do with your hair?
Stellie I like to keep myself as calm as possible before a show. Usually I just put on some music, light a candle, sit in front of my mirror and do my hair and makeup. For most of my gigs, I like to curl my hair just to give it a bit of extra volume – i’d love to get a little bit more experimental with my hairstyles! For now simple is my go to.

Q Who painted your mural and what inspired the piece?
Sam The mural is by Cat Dean, she’s such a talented soul. The piece is her interpretation of our hero shot from SJ’s opening brand campaign which you can find on our website and business cards. People keep asking if it’s me … not sure how I feel about that!

Q What made you choose prospect as the location for SJ Establishment?
Sam It was the cool artsy feel of the strip, and the realisation that prospect was a place for all kinds of businesses with a difference. That’s exactly what we’re building at SJ’s and the local community here are so supportive.

Recreate Stellie’s modern take on a vintage roll with the steps below …

1 Tease all the roots working back from the face in horizontal sections. Use Matrix ‘Style Fixer’ hairspray on each section before teasing to add hold. 

2 Sprinkle Matrix ‘Height Riser’ through all of the top section to give texture. 

3 Brush into position and secure with Bobby pins in a cris-cross pattern straight up the centre of the head.

4 Begin to form the shape and spray as you go with Matrix ‘texture builder’ to secure the shape as it starts to evolve. Pin to secure. 

5 Wet down the fringe and blowdry into shape. Bend pieces lightly around face with a heat tool and for extra hold, finish off the style with another spritz of Matrix ‘Style Fixer’ hairspray.

6 Inspect your handiwork and hold your head high!

Q What is your favourite way to style hair for summer events this year?
Sam For daytime summer hair, I love effortless I did It myself type looks, with gorgeous baby hair whispy bits flying around. Night time calls for hot ponytails mixed with braids or half knots playing with the finish, high shine or matte.

Q What or who are your biggest influences on ‘Stellies’ style & haircut?
Stellie I’ve always been drawn to old school 70s inspired looks, so i’d say that is my main influence. Truthfully, I never intentionally created a certain ‘style’ for myself, it came together very organically which was really lovely – I think it’s so important to be comfortable with your style, especially as a performer. I really just woke up one day and decided I wanted a fringe – it was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been told my cut is reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks and i’m so cool with that.

Q Do you think you’ll ever give up your bangs?
Stellie Absolutely not.

SJ Establishment
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