Illustrationist to the Stars

As part of our Spring 2019 issue we offered third year TAFE SA Fashion/Costume Illustration students the opportunity to create the imagery paired with that quarters horoscope readings. The design brief required the illustrations to be inspired by fashion, incorporate watercolour paints and reflect our publications core values – diversity, relevance, timelessness, empowerment & sophistication.

Ultimately, Megan Ironside won us over with her charismatic and colourful designs. As spring comes to a close, we caught up with Megan to hear more about her TAFE SA experience and how it feels to have her work published for all to see!

Sagittarius, November 23 – December 21

Q Where did your love for illustrations come from?

I have loved drawing ever since I was a young child. Even when I was little was always drawing at every opportunity I could find. It has always been a hobby that I did for fun and to relax in my spare time. It is just something I can blissfully do for hours.

Q Whose work do you look up to?

I have always loved Megan Hess’s iconic style of fashion illustration and have been slowly collecting her books for years. I even remember writing about her for assignments in Art at high school.
My illustration teacher Petar Prodanovic has been a big source of inspiration and I have learned so much from him.  I was lucky enough to do a short course with him in January 2019 at TAFE.

Q How have you enjoyed your Tafe course?

I enjoy it so much. I started doing my Certificate II at Tafe when I was in year 11 and then my Certificate III in year 12 at high school as a Vet course.  This was an excellent opportunity to be introduced to this industry and realise that it was the career that I wanted to pursue after.

Q What are your favourite aspects?

So far, my favourite parts of the course have been the fashion illustration, trade sketching and dressmaking. Overall, I enjoy learning new skills.

Q What was your inspiration for your horoscope illustrations?

I was inspired by the bright colours and florals of the spring season and the celestial aesthetic of the star signs. When drawing the star signs, it was important to me that the characters were diverse in their body shapes and cultures.

Q How did it feel to see your work in print, published in over 20k copies of the mag distributed all across the state?

It still hasn’t really sunk in yet, I was so happy to think I won the competition.  It feels amazing to have people admire the art that I enjoyed creating. I am excited for the future.

Q Where do you hope to take your career?

At the moment I want to focus on finishing my degree than see where it takes me. My passion is fashion illustration, but I now I also find I am really enjoying the design process seeing my ideas go from illustration to an actual garment.

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