Gift guide: Plants & accessories

2019 is the year of giving consciously. We’re being careful to buy and give gifts that have longevity, are a sustainable product, or give life.

Norwood Garden Centre ticks all of those boxes with their thoughtfully curated range of plant accessories and giftware. We’ve picked some of our favourites – they’re soon to be your loved ones’ favourites too!

This white pot with legs ($49.98) will add quirk to any room, and is complimented by the ridgey-didge leaves of the Rhipsalis ($29.98).

Left: This stunning wooden pot ($125) holds a pot of blooming Hydrangeas ($29.98), which are back in vogue. In it sits a water bubble ($15.50), which you can fill up and leave in any pot while you’re out of town on holiday.
Right: A delicate-looking Climbing Ficus ($21.98) sits in a smaller wooden pot ($55), which have both a rustic and Scandinavian quality to it.

Bees wax wraps are the perfect gift for those who have it all, yet still live in the era of glad wrap. The wraps are made by infusing pieces of cotton with a mixture of food-grade beeswax, pine resin and jojoba or coconut oil. The waxy coating makes the cloth waterproof yet breathable, making them a great tool to keep food sealed fresh.

This cute and colourful cushion ($39) is made by local artist, Emma Northey.

Chinese Money Plants (starting from $12.98) are a great way to vary your indoor plant collection, plus they’re super easy to care for. Pair it with a cute pot like this one ($22.48) to make a stunning Christmas present.

Norwood Garden Centre
299 Portrush Rd, Norwood SA 5067