The Future of Tattoo Removal

At The Tattoo Removal Co., lasering off your tattoos is as simple as popping in during your lunchbreak.   

Traditionally, the image of laser tattoo removal has never exactly been sexy, nor has it ever conjured up an image of a pain-free, quick or pleasant experience. But it’s 2019 now, and the technology of laser tattoo removal has evolved just as much the iPhone.  

Brothers, Phil and Stu Pagdin, have been in the tattoo industry for over 10 years and, because they say it goes hand in hand, they also own laser tattoo removal business, The Tattoo Removal Co.? 

“We deal with a lot of people who want cover-ups for old pieces. People want to improve themselves, and modifying older tattoos does that,” says Phil.  

Because of technological advancement, removing tattoos has become way less scary than our parents and grandparents warned us it would be. “Because inks are improving for the tattoo side of it, we have to keep updated as well to smash the ink. The technology improves every year, people keep working on different techniques, and different ways of using the laser,” Phil says. 

The most advanced technology comes in the form of the RevLite SI laser. The laser safely penetrates the skin and targets each tattoo ink colour with specific wavelengths, causing tattoos to gradually fade during the course of 5 to 10 sessions, depending. It’s the ‘gold standard’ in device technology, and The Tattoo Removal Co. uses it exclusively.  

How the laser reacts, says Phil, is like water vaper coming out in the area. “When it’s a nice black tattoo, as soon as we hit it with the laser, it turns white – that’s what we call frosting. Then, once the black tattoo turns white, it stays like that for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then the process starts.” 

Phil says that the amount of sessions needed to remove or fade a tattoo doesn’t rest on the size of a tattoo. Instead, it comes down to the ingredients in the ink, the skill of the tattoo removalist, and the individual’s health.  

“Everybody that has laser treatment is different. Some people who are more active, eat healthy and drink plenty of water, get a faster result. What it comes down to is the white cells in your body that absorb the broken-up ink, and is shifted through the lymphatic system, so the more active you are, it increases your heart rate, therefore more cells are getting pumped through the blood and absorbing more ink. The more water you drink too, the more times you go to the toilet, the faster you get rid of your tattoo.” 

So while he’s seen some tattoos disappear in 12 sessions and others in just one, most take around three to six. 

The actual session times are surprisingly fast too. Phil says that while most are only under the laser for 10 to 60 seconds, a half arm sleeve takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Because the procedure is so quick and easy, and because the studio is based on Carrington Street in the CBD, many of his clients come in on their lunch breaks. “I aim to have people in here less time, and more time out there getting tattoos, or doing their daily business.” 

Phil also says that the pain of laser tattoo removal is less than getting a tattoo or laser hair removal. While the lasering itself feels like being flicked by a rubber band, Tattoo Removal Co. manage the pain with a specially-designed machine that blows air as cold as -30°C while the laser treatment is in process to minimise pain levels. 

So there it is, the perfect excuse to get that cool tattoo your mum doesn’t want you to get. Tell her you can always just go laser it off.  

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