At Home In The Hills

Newenham: Thoughtfully considered to support the health, happiness and wellbeing of its community

Each evening after work, Sam, his fiancé Tammie, and their 16-month-old Darcy, head to the neighbouring paddocks to let their pup Arnie run off his energy. On the weekends, they walk the back way into Mount Barker for breakfast at their favourite café. It only takes half an hour and, as the 2km pathway follows the Western Flat Creek, it’s more scenic than driving anyway. If they’re not doing either of those things, they’re at work, or spending time in their backyard.  

It’s the easy, active, family-oriented lifestyle they’d always hoped to attain, and it all began in June 2017. After looking for a block for at least a year, Sam and Tammie fell in love with the newest Mount Barker development, Newenham.  

“We both grew up in the Hills and are used to a bit of land. When we went out to Newenham, we noticed there was a focus on larger allotments, bigger blocks and more of an open plan estate. I needed a bigger block for my work, to be able to have access down the side, and we also wanted a decent size house and backyard as well,” says Sam. 

Tammie works at Stirling East Primary School and Sam owns his own Mount Barker-based plumbing business, so finding something in Mount Barker was a necessity, although they still wanted to maintain a low-maintenance country lifestyle. 

Now fully built on an 800-square metre block, the family are at home. Except now, the task is getting the house prepared for more little ones – they say their family hasn’t finished growing just yet.  

With their sights set on the long-term, Newenham’s vision of a fully master-planned community with a farm, school, childcare centre, and a retail village with main street shopping and specialty shops was something they jumped at the opportunity to invest in – and indeed they jumped, they were just the sixth family to build their home at Newenham.  

“Mount Barker is growing so rapidly, so the possibility of having a shopping centre in Newenham and not having to venture into Mount Barker to get the staples, that definitely appealed to us. With my partner being in childcare, we’re pretty interested in the childcare centre’s development because that could be a possible job opportunity in our own estate, and then also an opportunity for Darcy and future children too.” 

Less than a year in their new home, and they family say they’re pleasantly surprised with the estate’s development.  

“I work in a lot of other estates, and there always seems to be a lot lying around for a long time, but this estate everything moves forward quite quickly,” says Sam. “Even with big development going on here, they’re keeping everything really neat and tidy. And they’ve already got pathways in for us, and we’re always making the most of that.” 

One of the best aspects to living in Newenham though, says Sam, are the community events. The estate regularly hosts events in the warmer months, such as Feel Good Fridays, which is a family friendly twilight series with great food, drinks and live music. Hosted in a shaded lawn area, it presents the opportunity for neighbours, friends and family and the wider Mount Barker community to come together and relax after a busy week.  

“It has a great family atmosphere, kids running around. We’ve been to most of them… and then we just walk home.” 

For Sam and his family, their decision to build in Newenham was easy. It’s given them the space to build the life they’ve always dreamed of, and they feel grateful for it every day.  

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