How to: Beach Waves

Brodie from Mahiki Hair shows us how to get beachy waves sans ocean 

 1. Section the hair into four sections and curl smaller sections. To give the curls extra hold, spray each section using L’Oreal Tecni.ART Pli before putting the styler on the hair.  

 2. Once the curling is complete, go through the hair with a wide tooth comb creating a loose beachy look. If you don’t have wide tooth comb use fingers and flip your head upside down. 

 3. Back-comb curls that fall flat with a narrow-tooth comb. 

 4. Slick down fly-aways with L’Oreal Tecni.ART Liss Control +. 

 5. Apply L’Oreal Tecni.ART Super Dust and Texture Power to the under layers to add volume. 

 6. Back-comb under layers as needed for volume. 

 7. Voila! 

Sometimes you just can’t get that salon-made perfection by yourself. When professionals need to be called in for the job, or for expert event and bridal hair styling, give Mahiki a call.  

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