How To Work With Your Wedding Planner

Rachel Evans and Lucy Temme from Hygge Studio tells us everything we need to get the most out of working with a wedding planner.

How long have you been in the business of event management and wedding planning? 
We started Hygge about five years ago primarily as a graphics and styling based studio. With a background in styling and management, we combined forces, and now offer the full package of event styling, management, graphics, floristry, lighting, custom design and hire. In the past 12 months or so, we have been focusing on expanding our commercial event planning and styling, and on growing our hire business too.

What makes a great wedding planner? 
Attention to detail, confidence in your judgment, and great people skills. We know exactly what needs to be happening behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. There’s a lot going on that guests don’t see, and you need to be super strategic, and also good at thinking on your feet. Good working relationships are important. There can be over a dozen vendors (at least) involved in most weddings and we’re all human, so being a good communicator is really important to make sure everyone is working at their best in really tight timeframes.

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner? Why would you choose to go down that path rather than DIY? 
Planning a wedding can realistically take up to 180 to 300 hours, and that’s with everything going more or less to plan. When you hire a wedding planner, that time gets slashed dramatically because of experience and connections, and you also outsource the stress. You still get to make decisions but, rather than being faced with an infinite number of options, we narrow it down for you. People often think that a wedding at a private residence is simpler, but there’s actually so many more variables and things to consider, so getting a wedding planner if you’re going down that route is an absolute lifesaver – you will save time, money and avoid many potential disasters.

How far ahead of your wedding date should you engage a wedding planner? 
You’d be surprised what we can pull together in a matter of weeks, but we always encourage our clients to have their wedding date and location booked before they come chat to us. That’s because the role of the wedding planner can be dramatically different depending on the venue, what they need in-house, and what needs an external vendor (catering, set-up, lighting etc).

What kind of preparation of information should you bring to your wedding planner? 
Definitely just know what is most important to you! Is it the food, wine, music, flowers or location, or something totally different? We can work a lot of magic, but we aren’t mind readers. 

As a bride or groom, how much freedom should you give your wedding planner? 
All the freedom! We have total respect for your expression of what is important to you, and we are 110 per cent committed to making your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons. It is your wedding day, so speak up about what your style is and what sort of vibe you are going for.  

What can you do to make your wedding planner’s life a bit easier? 
Be open to ideas. Keep in mind we are as invested in your wedding going well as you are, and we are here to help. Have faith that when we suggest something, we have already put a lot of thought into it.  

What are some no-nos when working with a wedding planner? 
Just be completely transparent with what you want and what you’re worried about. Don’t be afraid of offending your wedding planner. As soon as you’re not sure about something, let it be known so that we can either put your mind at ease or come up with another solution.

What are some things a wedding planner does that we ordinarily wouldn’t know about, or take for granted? 
Hmm, that’s an interesting one…. When we are running a wedding at a private residence, there are so many things we do that clients wouldn’t even think to ask us about, so we wear a lot of different hats on those days! For us, because we have our hire business and many of our styling items are our own, there is always a lot of cleaning and painting happening at our studio. We are lucky enough to have a great team of assistants helping us with that these days, and it is definitely one of the less glamourous sides of the job, but also probably one of the biggest timesavers for couples and their families – people don’t think about all the hours of preparation and pack down that bookmark the wedding itself. 

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