Dr Koulos Introduces Emsculpt

Always at the cutting edge of new technology in the health and beauty sector, Dr Chris Koulos is pleased to bring Emsculpt to Burnside Cosmetic.  

More and more people are looking for non-invasive ways to improve their body to look and feel better without the risks associated with surgery. The latest technology in body contouring is not just about destroying stubborn fat but also building muscle and strengthening the core? 

Emsculpt is the next generation in the non-invasive treatment of unwanted body fat, with an extra toning benefit. Suited for both women and men, it can improve core strength and tone and add more definition in the abdomen, arms, legs and even a perkier butt. 

“The treatment uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM),” says Dr Chris Koulos. “This induces a level of muscle contraction that is deeper and stronger than you can achieve through exercise – 20,000 contractions per 30 minutes in fact.” The results include deep remodelling of the inner structure of muscles resulting in muscle building, tightening, toning and burning fat. 

For most people, the recommended treatment plan is four 30-minute sessions over two weeks, and the best results can be expected after three months, with continued improvement over six months. As with all body contouring treatments, maintaining?a healthy lifestyle is the key to the best results. Kim Kardashian is a fan and Drew Barrymore, who credits the treatment as a “game changer”, is a product ambassador in the US. 

While recommended for those looking to achieve slimmer and more athletic body contours or a more lifted, athletic behind, EmSculpt can also help?mothers who experienced muscle separation associated with?pregnancy, particularly if they are experiencing back pain on a daily basis. 

“Our clients are constantly looking for new technologies that are quick, effective and results-driven,” says Dr Chris. “I believe Emsculpt is the way of the future. Clients are generally time poor and wanting something safe, not painful and with no downtime. Burnside Cosmetic is very excited to be the first to introduce this new device which has been doing extremely well in the rest of Australia and the world to SA.” 

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