Camilla x VALÉRE jewellery collab

If we met a modern day Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, this is the type of jewellery we imagine she would be sporting on holiday in the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

Words by Annabelle McKinnon

The collaboration between Australian designers Camilla and VALÉRE pays tribute to our vast and enriched Australian landscape.

While the Outback collection features an organic and neutral palette, it’s the details that really pull the pieces together to make a glamorous statement.

Using semi-precious stones including tigers eye, turquoise and black onyx, the collection is finished with luxurious gemstones, pearls and of course, 24K gold plating.

Behind these familiar VALÉRE aesthetics are characteristics that make up a rugged Australia. The rough textures, irregular shapes, reptilian features and bamboo details are all reflective of the wilderness Australia boasts in its backyard.

While these features were inspired by our natural landscape, the unique creations also rely on Camilla’s previous SS19 collection, Mother.

Samantha Lowe, founder of VALÉRE, said that the pieces follow the “concept, colours, textures and patterns” of Mother to create their entirely new vision.

“It worked so well together because our collections are timeless and interchanging,” says Lowe.

Despite this, the collaboration also has a deeper mission: To empower women to feel their most beautiful.

“The Camilla and VALÉRE woman are very similar in spirit, they’re feminine, confident, adventurous and alluring,” says Lowe.

“They love to express their personality through glamorous statement pieces, which is why I loved working on this collaboration.”

You can shop the collection from VALÉRE and Camilla online here and here, or shop in-store at Camilla Burnside Village.