A New Era At The Edinburgh

Setting a new standard for pub grub.

When you pick up a menu at The Edinburgh Hotel, you’ll notice two things: one, there are many more options than your average pub and, two, it is unexpectedly transparent in its efforts to be dietarily inclusive and sustainably responsible.  

Pub manager Patrick Allen says The Ed has recently done a great deal to overhaul any practices that no longer meet today’s industry standards.  

“Historically, we’ve had a bit more of a traditional pub menu, so we’re doing it a little bit differently this year. We’ve adjusted our focus to include vegan and dietary friendly options. Whereas we used to just have some vego options, we now have a large menu geared towards dietary requirements, and we can tweak just about every dish and adjust for dietaries,” he says.  

Though the scope of their transformation reaches far beyond the menu; it seems The Ed has a social and environmental conscience. “We wanted to do a bit more than just the standard paper straws, we’ve got a bit of an obligation. We’re trying to reuse everything we’ve got on site and go local where possible,” Pat says.  

We wanted to do a bit more than just the standard paper straws

“We’ve also undertaken a giant overhaul or our waste management program. We’ve worked with our suppliers to reduce our landfill by 80 per cent over the next 18 months. We’re in the first three months, and we’re about halfway there.” 

Though a noble venture, and one that all business should strive towards, Pat recognises that their ability to invest in sustainable practice is not commonplace. “The privilege of the ownership model is that it’s the directors’ only pub, so we’ve got the affordability to be able to invest in quality over quantity.” 

Though they’ve certainly amped it up recently, it’s something they’ve been doing for a long time now. To this day, many of their local suppliers remain the same as when the business began. “The owners have had the pub for 41 years and in that time, they’ve been pretty patriotic to local brands. We’ve had the same schnitzels supplied for the better part of 20 years. Our gnocchi is all handmade offsite – it’s a ma and pa operation, and that’s all they do for a living.” 

Their goal to use only quality, local products extends to the cellar as well, and Pat says their approach to building the new wine list has been done a little differently than before. “We reverse engineered it. Rather than look at what deals they had available and then pick those wines, we looked at what wines we wanted and worked out what deals we could get for those.” 

With their new menu, business practices, and also an updated garden area that now seats an extra 16 or so, it’s clear that The Ed has had a productive winter. With Summer now here, it’s time for us to go check it out. 

The Edinburgh Hotel 
1-7 High Street, Mitcham