How to spruce your space using mirrors

Mirrors are a great tick to opening up your space. The interior design experts at Adelaide Agencies walk us through some of their favourite styles and the different ways they can be used to create and shape spaces.

1. Baroque inspired statement mirrors

Ornate, carved or gilt frames are a great choice for homes with more traditional decor, but are also a great way to add contrast in homes with a more modern aesthetic. This Carved Louis Mirror in Cream is a classic baroque style with ornate foiling detailing in a vintage matt cream finish.

2. Trendy arched mirrors

Taking interior design cues from Sans Arc Studio who have filled their designs with arches and sweeping curves, this gorgeous Curtis Mirror Antique in White will elevate and become the talking point for any interior space.

3. Circular mirrors

Round mirrors like these Rico Mirrors in Natural (Set of 3) have a soft and whimsical look. They become a piece of art when grouped together, just like you would group a number of framed photographs or smaller artworks.

4. Large modern mirrors

This Vasto Leaner Mirror in Silver does not have a statement frame, but instead has a wide bevelled frame that matches the bevelled centre. This is a great option for when you would like your mirror to become part of the background, as the extra large size and all over glass makes your space larger without drawing attention to the mirror itself.

5. Dressing mirrors as a design detail

Smaller mirrors like this Wycombe Dressing Mirror are great accent pieces as they catch light and can be used to reflect interesting objects.

To To find out where to purchase any of these mirrors, get in touch with Annette from Adelaide Agencies.