Make Up Artist Spotlight: Georgia Edgar

From fashion shoots, to commercial projects and weddings, Adelaide-based makeup artist Georgia Edgar has built an illustrious career working with the best in our state.  

Words Emanuela Hailu 

What made you want to become a makeup artist? 
I was watching a TV show and one of the girls had an amazing winged liner. I was beyond intrigued, so I attempted to do it myself. I was like ‘wow, this is hard, all I wanted to do was nail the look. It was at that moment that I realised just how challenging makeup can be, and the difference it can make. I’ve always seen myself as the creative type, and makeup allowed me to embrace my creativity through an outlet that I enjoyed.  

How did you learn to do makeup, and who was the first person you put makeup on? 
I took a course at Media Makeup, however, I learned a lot of my progressive skills on the job, as well as doing shoots with photographers. The first makeup job I ever did outside of Media Makeup was Teo Magazine’s first shoot. I was terrified! I remember it being a no-makeup-makeup look, which at the time I had no idea how to achieve as I was just so used to doing heavier makeup looks. It was a daunting first experience, but it was fun and a great pathway into the industry.? 

How would you describe your style? 
Overall, when it comes to clients, I’m all about enhancing their natural beauty, exaggerating their features and bringing out what they already have, as opposed to transforming them into somebody else. When you see a celebrity on the red carpet, you say ‘wow, look how beautiful?they?look.’ You’re not focusing on how a makeup product looks on them, but how they look as people. That’s super important to me, especially in this day and age of social media and Instagram.? 

Tell us about one of your favourite jobs. 
I was shooting the most recent campaign for Couture+Love+Madness. It was just a beautiful and fun shoot, which included Kiarra from Azalea Models and Harper from Finesse Models. Having the opportunity to be able to work alongside such a great team to create something so stunning was just a lot of fun, and the results were insane! ‘Till this day, we’re all still using the images and the shoot still gets referenced to me by clients. So, that shoot was very significant to me. 

Do you watch many beauty YouTubers? 
I like and appreciate down to earth people in the YouTube community, like RawBeautyKristi who is just hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously, and Samantha Ravndahl. These two women have been around for a while and I can trust their judgement and reviews. Other veteran makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge and Sam Chapman are also honest and you can trust that what they say hasn’t been bought by a company, it’s not just fluff like a lot of YouTubers these days. 

What beauty products do you recommend for the summer season? 
I recommend a good sunscreen with high SPF. It’s the number one anti-aging product to have. Take care of your skin and the makeup you apply will sit beautifully. Most specifically, Korean sunscreens which tend to be lighter and have less of that sunscreen smell. They come in a variety of finishes, from matte to gel, so they sit better under makeup. Other than sunscreen, I would also suggest a good lip and cheek tint. It’s easy, it soaks into the skin and it adds a natural warmth to your face.