In conversation: Mimi-Jane Millinery

With Adelaide Cup just around the corner, it is time to plan the most important part of your outfit: your millinery! We sat down with Mimi Taeuber from Mimi-Jane Millinery to ask her all the important questions to have you ready to hit the track.

Mossman Spring Racing campaign featuring Mimi-Jane Millinery

What do you see to the biggest trends in racing millinery this Adelaide Cup?

A great place to start predicting the millinery trends is to keep an eye on the Channel 7 coverage of the races in the early part of the year. This Adelaide Cup Season we are still in-love with wide-brimmed hats, natural straw hats and, the perennial favourite, bejewelled and pearl headbands. There is also a nod to more ‘couture’ style headwear incorporating ostrich feathers. As to the best colours to show off at the Cup, fresh white is always a favourite, along with various shades of summery pastel prettiness in various shades of pink, apricot, lilac and blue.

Mimi – Jane Millinery ‘AIDA’ Headband

Hats, fascinators or a headband, how do we choose the perfect piece for our Adelaide Cup day outfit?

I am an advocate of choosing your millinery first and creating your outfit around it- after all, going to the races is all about the millinery! My clients often come to me telling me what suits them but they then try on different styles and often end up leaving with something that they had not anticipated. The best approach to choosing your hat, fascinator or headband for Adelaide Cup day is to try on lots of different styles and to have an open mind. When considering the best style for you for the day, also have regard to both the weather and your preferred hair style. No one wants to be caught wearing a brimmed hat if there are high winds forecast for race day! 

Mimi-Jane Millinery ‘ISABELLE’ Hat

Millinery can be an investment. How should your pieces best be stored and looked after?

Quality millinery is a great investment and it is important to treat your millinery like the delicate and speciality item that it is. Millinery is always best stored in a hard box with a tissue paper lining in a cool and dry place. Everyone should always have moisture absorbing products in your wardrobe to help preserve your clothing in warm or damp weather and they go a long way to protecting your millinery too. If you find you have a few of those little moisture absorbing satchels that often arrive with new shoeboxes or handbags, pop them into your millinery box for safe measure. Millinery is generally created using steam and heat so it should also never be kept into the car too long as it may warp in shape. Lastly, it is best to attempt to keep your millinery out of the rain in the event that it slackens or the colours may run.

Mimi-Jane Millinery ‘NYLA’ Headpiece

What are the worst millinery faux pas you have seen?

Going to the races for me is all about the millinery. I don’t believe that your millinery should compete with your outfit as the overall look starts to become OTT. Once you find that certain piece of millinery that suits your style, keep your eye out for fashion that compliments and doesn’t compete with your headwear. I also am not a great fan of millinery that demonstrates too many millinery techniques or contrasting colours on the one piece. I think that often the Fashion on the Field entrants often aim to incorporate every colour of their competition outfit into their hat or headpiece when it is often more effective to select one or two of the colours to create a more elegant and effective statement.

Any tips for keeping your headwear perfect and in place all day long?

Bobby pins, bobby pins and more bobby pins! I am a fan of sewing elastic into all of my hats as I will then pin the elastic into my hair by criss-crossing the bobby pins. I also recently learnt a fabulous trick from a hairdresser who suggests braiding a tiny plait into the underside of the hair and then pinning the elastic into braid. The last thing anyone needs on race day is to be fidgeting with your millinery- your hands should be used to hold your champers and your winning ticket and not your hat!

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Adelaide Cup Day is on Monday, 9th March 2020.
For more information visit Morphettville Racecourse