Kaz Hair Brighton

Kaz Hair Brighton treat every one of their guests to an incredible in-salon journey, focusing on exceptional service. The professional, highly-trained staff ensure every comfort is looked after (Champagne anyone?) and that the end result is nothing short of excellent.

Come with Sharmonie as she experiences the whole package – from the first meeting, to kicking back in the basin, to walking out the door with a new ‘do and a big smile on her face.

“When I walked through Brighton Shopping Centre and over to Kaz Hair, I was immediately impressed by the chic design of the salon – it looked brand new, immaculately clean, and super trendy with all of the stunning devil’s ivy growing at the entrance. When I was greeted at the desk, it felt like coming into the home of an old friend.”

“I was introduced to my lovely hair stylist Carmel, who is the salon’s Principal Stylist. We had a consultation about where my hair was at and where I wanted to take it. She pulled up some examples on Pinterest to make sure that we were on the same page, and then offered me the iPad should I feel like surfing the internet throughout my appointment – it was going to be a long one, as I had a half head of foils ahead of me (any bottle blondes reading know how long this takes… loooooong). At the end of the consultation, Carmel and I discussed pricing (very reasonable!)… personally, I love that the pricing was discussed at the start, as I always hate to be surprised at the end of an appointment with a bill much higher than anticipated.

I was offered an array of complimentary drinks (from coffee and juice to Champagne), all of which were displayed neatly on a cute little menu below the mirror. I chose a nice hot coffee, which came out with a delicious Lindt Chocolate ball and some biscuits.”

“The next chapter of my journey was the colour application process. My hair was foiled and then I had to wait for the blonde to process. Carmel used an ammonia free lighter called Studio Blonde Platinium, which is gentle, as well as L’Oréal Smart Blonde (a treatment you put in the colour to protect and strengthen the hair while it’s colouring). During my wait, I had a glass of Champagne and some soy crips, which were delicious. When my hair had processed, Carmel took me over to the ‘Hair Spa’.

As I sat back in the massage chair so that Carmel could shampoo out my colour and apply a toner and treatment (Fusio Dose by Kerastase, which all guests receive complimentary on first visit), I relaxed by watching some National Geographic documentaries on the screens mounted to the roof. The dimmed area is a true relaxation zone, as there is a thick curtain hiding the basins from the bright salon and open front.”

“Next step: styling. Carmel blow dried my hair straight so that she could achieve a perfectly straight bob cut, and then styled it to perfection.”

“Carmel talked me through all of the products she was using on my hair throughout the whole appointment, but at the end she recommended me some specific products that could enhance the health of my hair and help style my new cut.”

“As I checkout out of the salon, Carmel popped out the back to put some of the products she recommended in take-away tester pots. I had never experienced this in a hair salon, so I was super chuffed and excited to try them out at home.”

“I was super happy with the result of my cut, and even happier with the whole experience at Kaz Hair. I’ve had so many compliments about my new haircut in the weeks after!”

Kaz Hair Brighton
525 Brighton Rd, Brighton
08 8296 4444