BMW 1 Series: The perfect partner

The BMW 1 Series is both a city whip and the perfect regional winery tour guide.

The car encompasses both comfort and class; easing those early mornings with seat and steering wheel heating, both of which are adjustable for each individual passenger.

With beauty and brains, the 1 Series sports the curves and guts of an SUV, compacted within a small hatchback frame. 

The 1 series knows you: with voice recognition, the car is always listening, and no request is too much… Tired? Stressed? The 1 Series will reassure you by activating methods to ensure you remain on top of your game.

Whether it’s a CBD lunch at 2pm, followed by beachside Pilates class at 4pm, you will be carried safely, swiftly and in style, every time.

This hatchback is more than just a car – it is the BMW 1 Series.

And from $49,990, it could be all yours.

Adelaide BMW
31/40 West Terrace
08 8414 3111

Photography by Micaela Starc