In True SA Style: The Archives

This year South Australian Style reflects on ten years of style. During this time, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business, from world-class photographers and stylists to local personalities and everyday (stylish) South Australians.

To celebrate, we’re inviting you to join us as we revisit the archives and remember our favourite behind-the-scenes moments in an all digital exclusive.

The Olivia Rogers shoot with Burnside Village was a personal favourite of mine as it marked a new era of South Australian Style. In all honesty, we were at a real crossroads prior to Spring 2017, and we had been relying too heavily on national celebrities for awareness and reach, with no real substance. Revenue was also bleeding and we had internal complications, so we decided to start from scratch and go about re-positioning our brand. 

Olivia Rogers had just been announced as the winner of Miss Universe Australia, so the timing was perfect. I reached out to her directly to see if she’d be interested in a shoot with us and our client, Burnside Village. Olivia and Burnside Village were keen on the idea, and so the pressure was then on to deliver! I pulled together some of the better creatives I know, led by a childhood friend, Georgia Hatzis, and we shot the whole piece in a day.