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The Myer Centre’s new LUSH Store

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The new LUSH store has opened in The Myer Centre and we couldn’t be more excited about it! LUSH has proved itself to be a haven for pamper-lovers all over the world for as long as we can remember. We’re ecstatic to see a huge retail store right here in Adelaide! Compared to the previous […]

Parades on Norwood Parade

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PARADES ON NORWOOD PARADE PRESENTED BY NORWOOD PLACE DATE Sun 23 Oct 2016 TIME 11:00 am – 4:00 pm VENUE Norwood Parade One of Adelaide’s leading fashion, shopping and retail destinations offered something for everyone during AFF weekend. Their free event was enjoyed by young and old, fashionistas, families, couples and those just looking to have a […]

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things girls say vs what they really mean

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  1. when they talk about their love life. Girls say…”I’m so happy I’m single. It gives me time to really find myself.” They really mean…“I’m so lonely, please set me up. With someone… anyone.” 2. when they talk about their diet. When they say…“Yeah, I’m really trying to eat healthy right now… salads are actually really tasty.” They really mean…“Maybe I’ll put broccoli […]

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Race Ready with Cleverdicks

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With the racing season in full swing and Melbourne Cup just around the corner, we’re getting race ready with one of our favourite stores, Cleverdicks. From designer fashion, homewares, unique gifts and speciality jewellery, we always discover the perfect accessory for our next special occasion. So, take a look at our TOP 5 must-have race wear trends from the collection Unapologetically Opulent […]

Tash Oakley

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INSTA ROLE MODEL What would you do if you had 1.8m+ followers on Instagram who watched your every upload and replicated your every outfit? You give them something incredible to look at of course. Following Tash Oakley’s Instagram feed is like being privy to a pristine selection of polaroid-sized postcards summoning you into the life […]

Ellena & Rick’s Wedding

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Will You Marry Me? Our anniversary is New Year’s Eve and every year we head down to Sellicks Beach and spend a few days there. This year was no different! We made our way to the coast, checked into our little cabin and wandered down to the nearby rocks. Although noticeably quiet the entire morning, […]

Mayflower Restaurant & Bar @ Mayfair Hotel

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The Mayflower is a mood-lit paradise for those seeking a fine dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the small bar scene. Elegant and charming, the gracious nook is a portal that takes you back to yesteryear. Eat, drink, relax, repeat.THE SPACE  Nestled in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, the boutique Mayfair […]