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The Digital Addiction

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WELCOME TO THE DIGITAL AGE WHERE WE’RE USED TO COMMUNICATING IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS. HOW DEADLY IS THE NEW-AGE DIGITAL ADDICTION? There’s nothing worse than sitting at brunch with a friend while they incessantly scroll through their phone. I’ve even made a detailed mental list of the people I’ve sat down for a meal […]

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The Ultimate Battle: Adelaide versus Melbourne

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It’s an age-old battle with no real answer. Melbournians love to slam Adelaide by putting it into the ‘small town’ box, and Adelaidians are torn between defending our beautiful little city, and moving to Melbourne ourselves… (guilty). The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked Adelaide the fifth most liveable city in the world five years […]

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7 Reasons to hand write your card this Mother’s Day

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There’s nothing quite like a handwritten card for Mother’s Day! A survey of 1600 mums by Pilot Pen Australia showed 88 per cent said they appreciated a loved one taking the time to put pen to paper, with 68 per cent saying a handwritten card is much more personal than an email or text. “In […]


Early Romance is Killing Me

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Here’s a first world problem for you; I am tired of going on dates involving wine, sushi and/or sunsets. Don’t get me wrong. I love sunsets, sushi and (obviously) wine.  But seriously. My eyes have started to roll so frequently into the back of my head that soon I’ll be stuck staring at my brains […]



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  by CARNEY SIMS, SA Style Intern Journalism Student, Uni SA So you scored that internship you always wanted with that highly talked-about company? You’ve probably heard a few tips on what you should do as an intern, but here’s what you should definitely not do in the working world. Dress to un-impress As much […]


STRIPPED – Behind the scenes at Adelaide’s premier club

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   “Your man is safer here than at a nightclub flirting with lots of single girls. We are not interested in him, we are just doing our job.” My descent down the zebra patterned staircase, lined with fuchsia coloured lights, reminds me of something out of New York’s most famous nightclub, Studio 54. But, I’m […]