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Written by Jayne Flaherty This is your ‘how to’ guide for getting your priorities straight and living your life to the fullest. TEENAGE DREAM Hi teenagers, Don’t roll your eyes at me. This is serious. I’m here to give you some helpful advice and it will only take a second. Then you can go hang […]



Written by Jayne Flaherty You see, dealing with breakups had never been my strong suit. The second I started seeing someone, I’d start fantasising about how I’d get out. Things shifted by the time I hit my early 20s when, instead of just imagining exit strategies, I actually started planning and executing them. One poor […]

Kick Start For Kids

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by Ava Anastasia Imagine being five years-old without any toys to play games with. Your only possession is your school uniform, but you have no one to wash it for you. Another day passes without breakfast or a shower and there is no dinner to come home to. You go to school hungry, you can’t […]

Suddenly single … so now what?


by Jayne Flaherty   So you’ve been swanning about Adelaide with your beloved in tow and enjoying being the better half of ‘us’.  And then, out of the clear blue, your relationship, coupledom, wedded bliss has come to an earth shattering, miserable end. When happily ever after means a party of one, the average single […]