7 Outside The Box Summer Activities

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I love summer. Tropical fruit, wines in the sun, warm mornings and long nights… What could be better, right? It can be easy to fall into a predictable weekend pattern. So here’s 7 ‘outside the box’ summer activities to tick off before March 1. Get playing! Backyard Bartender As fun as it can be to […]


10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

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Sun’s out and we’re gearing up to have the best summer ever! Whether you’re galivanting the state, country or taking a well-deserved overseas break, a notable thing to keep in mind is the security of your house you’ve made a home. We consult security expert and founder of Calamity, Daniel Lewkovitz on his 10 tips […]


5 Social Slips to Beware this Silly Season

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image via pinterest Oh friends, it’s been one long slog of a year, has it not? I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready to get eyeballs deep in champagne, prawns and Baker’s Delight mince pies. By December, everyone’s generally winding down with work, but speeding up socially. 2016 has arguably been a more […]

what girls say - South Australian Style Magazine

things girls say vs what they really mean

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  1. when they talk about their love life. Girls say…”I’m so happy I’m single. It gives me time to really find myself.” They really mean…“I’m so lonely, please set me up. With someone… anyone.” 2. when they talk about their diet. When they say…“Yeah, I’m really trying to eat healthy right now… salads are actually really tasty.” They really mean…“Maybe I’ll put broccoli […]

wedding dos and donts - SA style magazine

Wedding Guest Attire Dos and Dont’s

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It’s about to be wedding season and the biggest conundrum is upon us: what on earth do I wear? Striking the balance between showing off your own personal style and making sure you don’t show up the bride in any way or step on any toes, can sometimes be hard. We break down our top […]

teas we love - sa style magazine

5 Teas We Love

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It looks like the ol’ gloomy weather is sticking around a little longer this year so why not make the most of it by heading couch-bound for a feel good flick and one of your favourite teas? Here’s a peek at the brews we’ve been loving this chilly season. Pukka Cleanse –  With a blend […]

Young smiling woman dressed in yellow using phone near the window in the dark interior

Are You On Tinder?

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THE DATING GAME From Cinderella to Tinder-ella The game has changed since the ‘60s and ‘70s. From the days of free love and psychedelic rock, we now work, live and love in a completely different society. Sure, fashion comes back around, tie dye t-shirts and high-waisted denim are back and bigger than ever, but can […]

Nick Daniel - Bachelor Adelaide - SA Style Magazine

Have you met our bachelors?

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So, we were talking in the office the other day, reminiscing about the emotional roller coaster of meeting a potential partner. The butterflies; a warm tender embrace that tingles your toes, or the smile that catches your eye across a bustling bar. What is it that sets heart racing? We set out, on a mission […]


5 Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media ‘Likes’

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Snapping the perfect Instagram of your healthy breakfast might actually prevent you from enjoying the meal. According to a new study by New York Times best-selling authors Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, social media obsession is correlated with higher levels of unhappiness. The ugly truth? More than half of the 1,623 respondents say posting the […]