‘Voices of Christmas’ Set To Light Up The City

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This Christmas, Rundle Mall will capture the magic of the season with an exciting musical program – Rundle Mall ‘Voices of Christmas’. In partnership with SA Power Networks, ‘Voices of Christmas’ will combine live and digital musical performances on a showcase stage with large-scale digital screens. The program brings digitally recorded voices gathered from across […]

Women, Power and the Future of Work

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The stats still paint a fairly grim picture for Australian women who want more. We earn 16.4 percent less than men (ABS May 2016), we’re rarely seen in management positions and a measly 1 in 10 ASX 2000 listed companies appoint us to their boards. After years of slowly rising to reach the height of those […]

10 iPhone cases you need in your life right now

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It’s 2017 and unarguably, our most essential accessory is our phone. Despite world-class designers working to create a slim, sleek and seamless design for the ol’ iPhone, the desire for a little customisation combined with an unrelenting fear that our screens are going to crack at any moment has made for quite the subculture for […]

Empower future South Australians

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Enterprising women’s organisations join forces to empower future South Australian leaders. Spence Club and Inkling Women will team up on June 19 to present ‘Empower’: a career confidence workshop designed to inspire South Australian women to live their best life in the workplace and beyond. The workshop will be run by newly-appointed Inkling Women CEO […]

adelaide versus melbourne

The Ultimate Battle: Adelaide versus Melbourne

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It’s an age-old battle with no real answer. Melbournians love to slam Adelaide by putting it into the ‘small town’ box, and Adelaidians are torn between defending our beautiful little city, and moving to Melbourne ourselves… (guilty). The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked Adelaide the fifth most liveable city in the world five years […]

Swap Retail Therapy for ‘Pet Therapy’ in Rundle Mall

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Greyhound Adoption Program SA (GAP SA) is encouraging city slickers to get their dose of pet therapy and relax with retired racing greyhounds this Wednesday 17th May from 9am – 4.30pm, under the Gawler Place Canopy, Rundle Mall. The initiative, developed by GAP SA and Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA), will use the Pet Therapy […]

Dating Dilemma: Who Pays?

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Dating: It’s hard enough without considering the logistics. But after a tumultuous year of feminist action, the age-old question has reared it’s ugly head with new vigour – when it comes to heterosexual relationships, who pays on the date? We are surely all guilty of the classic wallet reach. The best first date I ever […]

Early Romance is Killing Me

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Here’s a first world problem for you; I am tired of going on dates involving wine, sushi and/or sunsets. Don’t get me wrong. I love sunsets, sushi and (obviously) wine.  But seriously. My eyes have started to roll so frequently into the back of my head that soon I’ll be stuck staring at my brains […]

How to Entertain in Style this Silly Season

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We’re almost done with summer for another year (if you can believe it!), so it’s up to us to make the most of the warm weather while it’s still around. Especially in Adelaide, as ‘Mad March’ is nearly upon us, there’s no better time to get together with a bunch of your favourite people and […]