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 Your next three months are written in the stars… Illustrations by Leah Zahorujko ARIES The tumultuous times of the last few years are coming to an end so this is a good time to look at what has been achieved, what has been discarded and to plan for a new stage of life which is emerging from the […]

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Summer 2017 Horoscopes

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Capricorn December 22 – January 20 You are motivated by a need for respect and authority and this period will emphasise how well you exercise both your opinion and ideas. Be careful that maintaining a focused view is not simply being inflexible. Be prepared to take others’ into account and do not sacrifice wisdom for […]



 Aries Aries is Eager, Impulsive, Idealistic and Pioneering Aries dislikes: Criticism or Reluctance to Take Risks as they consider this a lack of trust and loyalty towards them and their abilities. They will also see this as a challenge and may react with anger. Slow Reactions or a Lack of Flexibility as this prevents them […]