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Plant It & Pot It – Norwood Garden Centre

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Plants add beauty, ambience and colour to any home and garden, but for those of us who aren’t green-thumbs, it can be hard knowing exactly what style of plant suits a particular spot. On the hunt for on-trend plants and planter-pot accessories, we travelled to Norwood Garden Centre for guidance on how to style our space. […]

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Best Plants for a Healthy Home


Did you know plants can clean the toxins out of the air in your home?  “Plants offer a sense of peace, health and vitality to outdoor and indoor spaces alike. Having plants in your home is a rejuvenating experience, and connecting to the natural world is integral to a balanced life. Plants add a sense of beauty whilst giving […]

Home Edit: Easy-to-care for indoor plants

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The indoor plant trend is booming – who doesn’t want to add instant colour to living spaces, especially during the dreary winter months? Not a green thumb? Not a problem – Emma from Norwood Garden Centre helps us to choose the best easy-to-care-for varieties that promise glossy green leaves with minimal care. The Expert Emma […]